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"fine,you won't come at me?,well then guess who's comming at you?Me!" ― douche
douche is the main villain in the adult animated movie called "Sausage Party".

he is voiced by nick kroll.

In the movieEdit


douche is chosen by camile toh but when he are in the kart,he are only founding a way to tell anyone.


he is throwed out the market kart but his noz are broken,when he comes to frank and brenda. He fails to chasing the sausage and the bun but he is throwed in a trash hole by darren.


he is throwed in the trash but when he gets out,he looks his liquid  and his liquid is drowing,when he tries to repair the juice box,he drinks the dick of the juice box and he haves some muscles in the arms.

In the mexican aisleEdit

he in this aisle he founds the sausage and the bun,but he kills tequila for he wants to be a revenge to he is taking muscles

Chasing the heroesEdit

he scream of pain when he are puting his back again when he chases him.

The final battleEdit

he has an defeat like a type when darren is throwed in the trash car,the trash car roads but when barry (the hero) saids "NOW" the food puts a tables of wood and the trash car goes faster and a ketchup and a buttle of coke buts a ramp to him and everyone is happy.


"yo oh fuck yeah dude somebody call a doctor honestly this beat is sick (Beet:Actually i'm so feel great,real healthy) no not you the beat,the song like an ust ust ust" ― douche's first words when he is chosen by camile toh
"oh shit chips,C-H-I-P-S chips chips chips chips but i am telling you ver much but you like a fucking disgusting bro (Potato Chips:Oh c'mon) (Douche kicks in the balls to the potato chips" ― douche to the potato chips
"yo wattsup i am telling you to be (Cherrybox mixer:ew) i am fuckily bro to seriously looking yo,you are pink (cherrybox mixer:hah,who are you even) what are you think,what am i now i'm a fucking douche" ― douche to cherrybox mixer
"look at her she's a fucking 10 bro,so the G-O-D is D-T-D (Down The Douche)"
"douche down,i am out of my fucking box" ― douche out the box
"oh my god,my noz ¡¡¡MY MOTHERFUCKING NOZ!!!"
"hey,if you two do this to me but you're responsable to be my nozzle fucked up"
"hey i wan't to give a fuck about PB or J,fuck this ima kick your ass are like dumbapp (Apples:Who, Us?) no not you"
"uh oh light bulb (Light Bulb:Yes Me) no not fucking you dummy"
"what's the flower in an idea to an relaxing death for me bro"
"i am preparing to a new action ¡¡¡REVENGE!!! whe re's that fucking sausage but this douche is TDSFU this douche fuck a sausage up"
"what's happening out there" ― douche's last words before his death


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